Tabula Rasa Lodge #332 was charted in 2007 by a group of Nebraska Masons that were looking for a Lodge experience that was closer to that of our founders. Our Lodge takes the best of Traditional Lodge practices and Nebraska Grand Lodge Bylaws to create our meetings and mission.

2019 Officers and members

Freemasonry the premier Fraternal Organization in Nebraska promoting the universally acknowledged values of Friendship, Morality, and Brotherly Love.

Our Lodge...

…is unique in Nebraska in that we follow the Traditional Observance model of Lodge operation much like those Lodges of our forefathers.

Our members

…are men that are looking for a Masonic experience that includes education, fellowship and a respect for the Craft.

Our Mission Statement

Encourage self development through the study of Masonry

Masonry has long desired to make "good men better". There are many different ways to explain how this is accomplished but surely one of the most important methodologies utilizes concentrated and serious study of Freemasonry. Tabula Rasa Lodge will provide a venue and appropriate reference material for serious study and discussion of the principles of Masonry. Each meeting will feature an educational paper and discussion on a Masonic topic.

Exhibit excellence in ritual work

The Degree ceremonies should be conducted with dignity and passion. The ceremonies and lectures of Masonry are of the utmost importance to setting the new candidate on the proper path and remind the current Mason of the basis of the Craft. We will work to hone our ritual work through consistant practice.

Exhibit excellence in education in order to bring about a deeper understanding of the wisdom of Masonry

The Lodge will offer both the new candidate and the established Master Mason numerous opportunities for education to deepen their understanding of the Craft. For the new candidate, extra material will be offered to be enjoyed between degrees.

Enhance Masonic fellowship and enjoy a quality social experience at regular Festive Boards

The promotion of ture fellowship in a Lodge best exemplifies the meaning of "Brother". We will have a Festive Board meal after formal meetings to discuss Masonic topics and further fellowship.

Provide a distinctive Masonic experience

The membership will be kept small so that everyone can know each other and everyone can be involved. The Festive Board meal allows for further bonding on a social level. The active emphasis is on self improvement, education

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